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Shindak’s Active&Happy Trip in Xiamen

2021-07-02   |   49

After finishing the intense and busy work, Shindak organized a happy Xiamen three-day trip for Shindak members. As a beautiful seaside city-Egret Island, Shindak members is longing for it. When in the train to Xiamen, they still could not calm down the excited heart. With small and big bags, small hands and big hands, each Shindak member and their kids travelled like a big family. They happily play cards and shared their snacks with each other. For six hours long train journey, Shindak members finished it in pleasure-seeking.Once arrived in Xiamen, it seemed that the tiredness was gone with the sea wind. And the mind went into the seaside scenery soon. Along the train station way, members were attractive by the cheap mango with good smell.

The first day trip: Appreciate the Charm of Cultural Buddhism---Jimeixue villiage&South Putuo Temple.ddd

Jimeixue villiage is the general name for all different schools and cultural organization in Jimei. It was established in 1913 by the leader of famous patriotic overseas Chinese people Jiageng Chen and is well known at home and abroad.  Nature bestows beautiful

landscapes upon Jimeixue Villiiage, and also it is a beautiful landscapes with different kinds of scenery. The architectures of Jimeixue villiage have both the style of occident and the style of Chinese tradition, which have the building style of typical area of Overseas Minnan.




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