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A Brief Introduction to Inflatable Boats(2)

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A Brief Introduction to Inflatable Boats(2)


How to Choose an Inflatable Boat


The first thing you need to consider is what you’re using it for and where you’re planning to use it. This will affect a lot of factors in your decision-making.


Inflatable Boats


Inflatable Boat Type


For recreational purposes on small water bodies, an inflatable boat is a common choice. You can go from a smaller more basic option with a simple structure, or a high-quality model that will work out in the open sea.


Some other similar types to look into are inflatable kayaks, paddleboards, and more. Then we also have RIBs or Rigid Inflatable Boats. They’re great for the sea because of the rigid hull, but you can’t fold them or take them apart.




PVC is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and affordable. Modern PVC is also quite durable, but Hypalon is still the more robust material.


Hypalon is thicker and can withstand higher impact, heat, UV rays, and so on. For heavy-duty boating it’s the better choice, even if it is a more expensive one. You can't put a price on reliability and durability.




The design of the hull provides either more stability or limitations. A flat hull, for instance, is better for calm waters as it can be unstable at high speeds. V-hull boats provide directional stability, while deep v-hulls can cut big wakes and waves.




Some inflatable boats come without keels, which makes them more portable and with a shorter set-up time. However, you can’t use them in troubled waters.


Those with keels are much more stable, even with big waves. These are the ones you can use an engine on. It can keep itself stable even with the added thrust brought by engines.


Floor Type


The different floor types offer varying levels of mobility, portability, and storage. If you choose a boat with a roll-up floor, for example, you can carry, set up, and store them more easily.


A hard floor, normally plastic or wooden, provides better stability and better hull shape, while an air floor allows for higher speeds.


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