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What is a paddle board

2021-09-18   |   28

Paddle board:


Paddle board is a kind of behavior that promotes exclusive floating board movement with the help of paddle.


The paddle board originated in Hawaii in the 1920s. In recent years, paddleboarding has gradually become a fashionable sport all over the world. Paddle boarding is a healthy aerobic experience. Participants can range from children aged three or four to elderly people in their sixties and seventies.


What is a paddle board


At the 2017 Apple conference, Cook showed the paddle board, a popular water sports element, combined with the new generation of Apple Watch.


There are two equipment required for paddle board movement: paddle and board.


Let's talk about the paddle first. The paddle used for the stand-up paddle board is composed of three parts: T-shaped handle, paddle handle, and paddle blade. For beginners, the height of the oar is roughly when you can hold the oar with a fist, or it is 20-30 cm taller.


Next, let’s talk about boards. The experience of boards of different sizes is also different.


When choosing a board, consider: is it a novice or a veteran? Is it casual or competitive? Where do you want to paddle?


Classification of paddle boards:


Short board (below 2.8 meters):


It is suitable for surfing. The short board has better maneuverability. It is designed for fast turning while catching waves and is not designed for long-distance paddling. Generally, children’s surfboards are below 2.4 meters.


Medium version (2.8m-3.7m):


It is suitable for sliding on the lake surface or simple surfing in the sea. It is suitable for beginners because it provides a wider width, length and volume, which is the key to stability in the water.


Speed board (3.8 meters-4.3 meters): suitable for competitive competitions and water hiking, the speed board is long and narrow, so it can maintain the track during rowing, and easily walk through the water.


Wide board (80cm or wider): The wide board is more stable than the narrow board, and it is easier to stand, but the speed will be slower than the narrow board.


Narrow board (74cm-76cm): The speed of the narrow board is faster than that of the wide board, but the stability is relatively poor.


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