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29mm 100% carbon fibre shaft+nylon paddle blade SL-OP0105


Product category: Inflatable Surf Boards


Port: Ningbo, China


Production capacity: 5000 / month


Terms of payment: L/C,t/T,D/P


Season: All year round


Fit: Unisex


Transport package: Carton


Sup is a professional tent, inflatable sup manufacturer, is a professional company, the company develops rapidly, product quality.


Custom Nylon Inflatable Surf Boards - Shindak surfboard

  Item No.   SL-PD0105     Material    Carbon fibre + Nylon 
  Type   Optional Parts   Logo   Customizable
  Apellation    Paddle   Weight   890g
  Customized   Customizable   Color   As shown in the figure
  Transport   Express, air or sea   Suitable population   Adult
  Describe   29mm 100% carbon fibre shaft+nylon paddle blade-Adjustable length from 180 to 220cm

About Custom Nylon Inflatable Surf Boards


1. Very suitable for beginners and leisure rowers

Our rowers are ideal for beginners, leisure rowers and rental stores. They need rowers with reasonable price and high quality. Our oars float in fresh and salt water.

2. Durability

Our durable and easy-to-use paddles are designed to withstand the punishment of beginners and tenants. Our blades use light aircraft grade aluminum shafts and durable polypropylene blades. They are built for durability.

3. Travel and storage

Take local or international adventures with your paddles! Break it down into pieces and throw it behind your car or take it to the plane. Our racket travel and storage are unique.

4. Our commitment

Standing paddle is a part of our lifestyle. Our mission is to provide leisure paddlers with reasonable price and high quality.

Custom Nylon Inflatable Surf Boards - Shindak surfboard

Custom Nylon Inflatable Surf Boards from the best manufacturer in China. We are one of the top wholesalers. We have always provided suitable Custom Nylon Inflatable Surf Boards, so you can rely on our products.

For more product information about carbon fibre shaft, you can click on the relevant link below.

Surf board1    inflatable boat2     inflatable boat3

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