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China Customized SUP supplier


Port: Ningbo, China


Production capacity: 5000 / month


Terms of payment: L/C,t/T,D/P


Season: All year round


Fit: Unisex


Transport package: Carton


Sup is a professional tent, inflatable sup manufacturer, is a professional company, the company develops rapidly, product quality.


China Customized SUP supplier - Shindak surfboard

  Product name   Inflatable SUP   Material    Drop stitch
  Customized   Customizable   Color   As shown in the figure
  Transport   Express, air or sea   Suitable population   Adult
  Type   Airtight type   Parts   Air pump, handbag, repair bag..
  Contain double layer SUP;one paddle;one pump;one foot leash;one carry bag;repair kit;


China Customized SUP supplier



1.High quality:

HECHI SUP inflatable vertical paddle board is made of bright PVC fabric and mesh shape, with unparalleled strength, soft non-slip EVA foam deck pad can significantly improve the balance when standing. The sturdy structure makes the paddle board protected and stable in the water, and people of all talent levels can use it correctly.

2.Advanced accessories:

Inflatable paddle board accessories include adjustable paddles, backpacks, ankle straps, repair kits, and pumps with meters. After arriving at your destination, you can quickly inflate the surfboard with a pump and then launch it in a few minutes.

3.Well made:

Triple dorsal fins assist the board to increase the basic speed, making it easier to respond and turn. Our paddle boards can be used in oceans, freshwater lakes and rivers. It is very suitable for yoga, fishing, traveling, snorkeling or leisure paddling.

4.Easy to carry:

The inflatable vertical paddle surfboard can be quickly inflated or deflated, and can be folded into a travel bag and carried with you. The convenient deck can lift the SUP to the seashore or lake without any problems. Let you enjoy the fun of the journey anytime, anywhere.


Please lock the shark fin when putting it in to prevent the shark fin from falling into the water. If there is air leakage, tighten the valve with a valve wrench.


Shindak surfboard


Shindak surfboard are one of China's leading environmental protection inflatable sup suppliers and also environmental protection inflatable sup products OEM. Our environmental protection inflatable sup product quality has passed international certification and the price is affordable. Welcome to call to order our products wholesale.


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