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Custom Unisex Backpacking tent


Port: Ningbo, China


Production capacity: 5000 / month


Terms of payment: L/C,t/T,D/P


Season: all year round


Fit: Unisex


Age group: Adults


Transport package: carton



Sup is a professional tent, inflatable sup manufacturer, is a professional company, the company develops rapidly, product quality.


Custom Unisex Backpacking tent - Shindak surfboard

  Item No.   SCA-11763   Floor   210D oxford
  Customized   Customizable   Size   240*240*135cm
  Suitable   3-5 persons   Pole   Automatic fiberglass
  Package   1pc/carry bag   Accessories   guyropes, pegs
  Flysheet   170T polyester with silver coated   Inner Sheet   170T polyester with silver coated


  What is The 3 / 5 person super light backpack tents?  A tent is a shed that is propped on the ground to shelter from wind, rain, and sunlight, and for temporary living. It is mostly made of canvas, together with supporting things, which can be removed and transferred at any time. The tent is carried in the form of parts and assembled after arriving at the site. Therefore, various parts and tools are required. Only by understanding the names and using methods of each component, and being familiar with the structure of the tent, can the tent be erected quickly and easily.


  What are the common classifications of tents? At present, the common tents on the market have different shapes, many styles, and there are many classification methods for tents, and there is no uniform standard. According to seasons: three-season tents, four-season tents, mountain tents, summer tents; according to styles: triangular tents, dome tents, hexagonal tents, boat bottom tents, ridge tents; divided according to the number of people: single account, double Accounts, accounts for 3~4 people, accounts for 4~5 people, accounts for 5~8 people, and accounts for multiple people; according to the structure, they are divided into: single-layer account, double-layer account, and three-layer account; according to purpose, they are divided into: camping tent, mountain Tents, car roof tents, canopy tents, disaster relief tents, etc.; what else are engineering tents, tunnel tents, single pole tents, internal hanging tents, draped tents, etc.


  Use environment: For mountaineering, expeditions, snow, and other harsh and complicated environments, choose high-quality alpine tents. The snow skirt design of alpine tents has good wind, rain and snow protection capabilities, and has a certain degree of warmth.


  It has the advantages of good elasticity and strength, bright color, smooth hand feeling, good heat resistance and light resistance, not easy to mold, moth-eaten, and low moisture absorption. It will not harden under low temperature environment, but this kind of fabric is suitable for low-cost tents. It is widely used in China.


  About Custom Unisex Backpacking tent:




  1. Easy to install. No need to build, suitable for novices, simple operation. It adopts high-strength aluminum rod, which is light in weight and can withstand high pressure.


  2. Double-layer camping tent, easily switch between high air permeability and complete privacy.


  3. Windproof ropes are fixed around the windproof tent, which can effectively prevent wind.


  4. Adopt small and ultra-light packaging, easy to carry and transport.


  We are happy to provide you with better service and our excellent quality.


  1) OEM service of the world's leading brands.


  2) Fast delivery time and sample service.


  3) Excellent quality and best service are our highest aim.


  Custom Unisex Backpacking tent


  Shindak surfboard is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier.


  Shindak surfboard is a company specializing in the production of The 3 / 5 person super light backpack tent, The 3 / 5 person super light backpack tent products OEM, with many styles and low prices. The products are exported to dozens of countries and regions abroad. Welcome new and old customers to contact us to discuss cooperation, thank you.


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