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Custom inflatable traction tube in summer SL-BT0145


Product category: Inflatable Boats


Port: Ningbo, China


Production capacity: 5000 / month


Terms of payment: L/C,t/T,D/P


Season: All year round


Fit: Unisex


Transport package: Carton


Sup is a professional tent, inflatable sup manufacturer, is a professional company, the company develops rapidly, product quality.


Custom China Inflatable Boats - Shindak surfboard

  Item No.   SL-BT0145   Type   Towable Tubes
  Port   Ningbo, China   Logo   Customizable
  Season   All year round   Production capacity   5000 / month
  Customized   Customizable   Color   As shown in the figure
  Transport   Express, air or sea   Suitable population   Adult


About Custom China Inflatable Boats:



1. Durable

The towed water pipe is equipped with heavy mesh reinforced traction system and double mesh foam handle with steering knuckle protection device. It is a durable option. The front / rear towing points provide cockpit seat towing options.

2. Safety deck seats

Deep safety cockpit structure with high backrest lifting plate is also very suitable for children who want to ride safely. The descent speed at the bottom allows fuel efficient traction and reduces the resistance on board.

3. Comfort and protection

All nylon cover is equipped with heavy zipper, double webbing foam joint protection device, EVA foam pad, front and rear traction points. A safe cockpit seat can also keep passengers balanced in more extreme rides.

4. Excellent traction system

It also has a heavy-duty PVC air bag and a double needle all nylon cover with self fishing drainage holes. Speed valve for rapid inflation and deflation.

5. Multiple traction points

The 5-person water pipe has reinforced front and rear traction points, which can drive safely, quickly and easily on the water. EVA foam seat and knee pads, comfortable. This is a great floating island on which you can relax.

6. Easy to inflate and deflate

The tractable water pipe has a heavy-duty PVC air bag and nylon cover. The safety valve ensures rapid inflation and rapid deflation, and allows one-way inflation to prevent air leakage.

Custom China Inflatable Boats

If you are looking for a good source of Custom China Inflatable Boats but don't know where to start, please look for Shindak surfboard, the best manufacturer of Custom China Inflatable Boats in China.

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