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Inflatable SUP SL-BD0104


Port: Ningbo, China


Production capacity: 5000 / month


Terms of payment: L/C,t/T,D/P


Season: all year round


Fit: Unisex


Age group: Adults


Transport package: carton




Sup is a professional tent, inflatable sup manufacturer, is a professional company, the company develops rapidly, product quality.


Inflatable SUP supplier - Shindak surfboard

  Product name   Inflatable SUP   Material    Drop stitch
  Customized   Customizable   Inflated size   325*76*15cm
  Type   Airtight type   Suitable population   Adult
  Parts   Air pump, handbag, repair bag..   Transport   Express, air or sea
  Contain one paddle;one pump;one foot leash;one carry bag;repair kit;


  What is Inflatable SUP? Inflatable SUP is also known as stand-up paddle boarding. It is a sport that originated in Hawaii, the United States. Paddle board surfing (SUP) has gradually become a sport around the world in recent years. In the world of water sports, one stands above the rest — literally. The sport is known as stand up paddleboarding (SUP for short), and it's one of the fastest growing activities on the water.


  This stand-up paddle board is a great choice for camping trips, boating and riders, but has limited transportation/storage space.


  Due to high-quality materials and professional design, the board is very rigid. Our high-quality drop needles,the structure allows our SUP to maintain unparalleled stability and rigidity in the inflatable product category.


  Even professional surfers cannot perform well without waves. Our inflatable SUP can fully meet this requirement. You can go fishing, doing yoga, or just rowing in calm waters. Don't hesitate to go out and put on a beautiful bikini. It will be your best companion for the hot summer vacation!


  Inflatable SUP supplier


  Sup is a professional tent, inflatable sup manufacturer, is a professional company, the company develops rapidly, product quality.Focus on the production of high-quality new products, perfect specifications, accept customer service.We will be your reliable partner with reliable product quality and excellent customer service. The company has a strong technical force, experienced professional R & D team.


  Equipped with the most advanced technology, operated by the most skillful craftsmen, using the finest quality materials, we are devoted to offer the best surf boards to the world.We are not only controlling the whole process of designation, manufacturing, testing, and distributing, we are not only winning in the world market by the value of perfect quality control, we are, in fact, creating, sharing, and enjoying an innovative style of life.


  Join us! Let's moving forward, day by day, hand in hand.


  Inflatable SUP supplier in China


  Shindak surfboard is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier.


  Inflatable SUP supplier Shindak surfboard is a professional Inflatable SUP manufacturer, SUP, surfboard, surf board surfboards, paddle board Supplier, We particularly specialize in the development and manufacturing of new products. Our company has extensive experience in cooperative development and manufacturing of SUP, surfboard, surf board surfboards, paddle board, and numerous other products. >>>  More products

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