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Outdoor Tent factory

Product name: Outdoor Tent factory

Applicable occasions: lakes and rivers

Applicable people: unisex

Logo: customizable

Mode of transportation: express, air, sea

Payment methods: T/T, Western Union, trade guarantee

Outdoor Tent factory - The surfboard is hand-made from highly durable materials, manufactured with mature manufacturing technology, and can withstand the harshest treatments. Outdoor Tent factory offers a variety of styles, suitable for beginners to the most experienced riders.


Outdoor Tent factory - Shindak surfboard

Outdoor Tent factory


The Shindak surfboard inflatable paddle board can be designed for surfing of various skill levels: the paddle board is equipped with a large EVA non-slip table top, and its design pattern can effectively prevent slippage and increase comfort; the stainless steel ankle strap D-ring on the paddle can ensure you Will not drop when used. The bungee cord can carry personal items such as glasses and clothes. At the same time, the handle can easily move the paddle board.


Outdoor Tent factory Made of PVC material and durable:the inflatable vertical paddle board is made of advanced rubber drip valve system and double 0.9mm high-quality PVC material, which has better air resistance and durability, and prevents the inflatable from leaking during surfing. At the same time, the PVC sewing material can prevent the inflatable blades from being scratched and damaged by branches or other hard objects.


Load capacity and stability: strong load capacity, a detachable main fin and 2 thruster fins can be installed at the bottom of the SUP to ensure the sensitivity (operation direction) and stability of the surfboard.


Outdoor Tent factory


A full set of surfing accessories: The purchase of an inflatable surf paddle board will come with 7 accessories, including retractable SUP paddles, wrap-around ankle surf belts, fins, manual air pumps, storage backpacks, paddle board repair tools and water bottles. All inflatable paddle board accessories can be easily put into a large-capacity backpack, which is convenient to carry.


Enjoy life and services: Shindak surfboard - Outdoor Tent factory paddle board is suitable for most water environments. You can sail in lakes or rivers, or surf on the sea. It can also be used for yoga in the water, fishing and other interesting water activities.


Outdoor Tent factory


Shindak surfboard is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier. Complete specifications and high quality. We are committed to treating customers with integrity and quality, thus winning a group of loyal customers.


Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Welcome to choose Shindak surfboard - is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier, The products are exquisite in workmanship, good in quality, and affordable. Welcome customers and friends to wholesale our surfboard, thank you. >>>More products

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