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Outdoor Tent manufacturer

Product name: Outdoor Tent manufacturer

Occasion: Ocean waters

Color: customizable

Logo: customizable

Mode of transportation: express, air, and sea

Payment methods: T/T, Western Union, cash

Outdoor Tent manufacturer - Shindak surfboard is a professional surfboard manufacturer and paddleboard supplier. Outdoor Tent manufacturer the appearance is unique, the quality is high, and the workmanship is exquisite. Customers are welcome to book.


Outdoor Tent manufacturer - Shindak surfboard

Outdoor Tent manufacturer


Shindak surfboard - Outdoor Tent manufacturer advantages:


1.Wide design and excellent balance:


Our inflatable stand-up paddle boards are light in weight, easy to stand and balance. Travel aids are suitable for adults, youth or children of all skill levels. If you feel bad about trying an inflatable board, this is a good starting point


2.Advanced commercial grade materials:


The inflatable paddle board is made of double-layer material (also called needle drop material), with a thickness of 0.7 mm, and a durable commercial-grade PVC waterproof canopy. The excellent PVC sewing material protects the inflatable paddle from damage. The thick non-slip EVA pad is easy to maintain stable and safe navigation. Special wood and blue design makes you feel closer to nature


Outdoor Tent manufacturer


3. Outdoor Tent manufacturer has supporting equipment:


SUP is equipped with all the accessories you need to start water sports: 1 x inflatable paddle board, 1 x adjustable floating paddle, which can be divided into 3 separate parts, 1 x high pressure pump with barometer, 1 x removable travel fin, 1 x ankle strap, 1 x repair kit, 1 x carrying backpack for starting the SUP adventure. 1x5L waterproof bag for essentials such as keys and food


4.The paddle board of Outdoor Tent manufacturer is easy to carry:


Inflate rapidly for about 10 minutes, and deflate for about 5 minutes. The convenient handle makes ISUP easy to carry and easy to store after deflation, even if your child can fully operate it without help to roll it up. It is very suitable for yoga, fishing, surfing, or carrying children and pets in fresh water and sea water.


Outdoor Tent manufacturer


Shindak surfboard is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier. We combine innovation, hard work and attention to customer needs to provide the perfect combination of new products.


We focus on developing new products with a variety of product lines and preferential prices. Welcome to choose Shindak surfboard  - is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier, The products are exquisite in workmanship, good in quality, and affordable. Our products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Welcome customers and friends to wholesale our surfboard, thank you.  >>>More products

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