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Outdoor Tent supplier

Product name: Outdoor Tent supplier

Occasion: Ocean waters

Applicable people: unisex

Color: customizable

Logo: Customizable

Shipping method: express air sea

Payment term: T/T, Western Union, trade guarantee, cash

Outdoor Tent supplier - Shindak surfboard's paddleboards are currently very popular. This slightly longer and flatter surfboard has been optimized to save effort when used. Outdoor Tent supplier welcome customers to come and order our products.


Outdoor Tent supplier - Shindak surfboard

Outdoor Tent supplier


1.Outdoor Tent supplier has a complete SUP kit


We provide adjustable paddles, manual air pumps, backpacks, safety belts, repair kits and detachable fins in the package.


2. Excellent balance performance:


SUP has enough length and width to improve stability and better resist the impact of waves. The 3 base plate fins can effectively improve the speed, maneuverability and steering, which is convenient to use and control. Our paddle boards are perfect for all skill levels and suitable for most water environments.


3. Non-slip soft deck:


The non-slip pattern in the middle of the deck avoids accidents as much as possible. The bungee cord on the deck allows you to easily store backpacks and other items. The seat belt ensures that you do not have to worry about an accident when you slip and fall.


4. Outdoor Tent supplier using durable and high-quality materials:


It is made of double-layer PVC material and V-shaped needle core, with strong structure and strong load-bearing capacity.


5. Lightweight and portable design:


You can easily carry it wherever you want to go, such as surfing, fishing, yoga or competing with friends for added fun.


Outdoor Tent supplier


Shindak surfboard - Outdoor Tent supplier Technology:


1. Rock texture. Two independent chambers increase the stiffness by 30%.


2. Security issues. Comply with ISO6185 and GS certification. The second compartment can ensure enough buoyancy to ensure that the oarsmen are safe when the surfboard leaks.


3. Higher capacity and stability. The second chamber acts as a "keel" to make the SUP more stable and stronger.


Outdoor Tent supplier


Shindak surfboard is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier. We have our own production workshop and design team. If you cooperate with us, we can provide you with first-hand prices.


No matter from which point of view, we are the best choice. Welcome to choose Shindak surfboard -  is a professional Surf board Manufacturer and paddle board Supplier, The products are exquisite in workmanship, good in quality, and affordable. >>>More products

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